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List Of Disappeared Cork 1919-23

List of known disappeared – Cork area – 1919-1923[1]

(Individuals in italics denote where bodies were recovered.)

Brigade Area
Cork Number 1 Brigade (Cork city and mid-Cork)

Cork No 2 Brigade (North Cork)
Cork No 3 Brigade (West Cork)

James Gordon
John Coughlan[2]
James Herhily
John O’Callaghan
Thomas Downey
James Blemens
Frederick Blemens
George Horgan
Patrick Ray
David Nagle
Michael O’Brien
Francis McMahon
John S. Lynch
William Nolan
John Begley
Jimmy Devoy
Marie Lindsay
James Clarke
J.J. Walsh
Eugene Swanton
John Lucey
Thomas Roycroft
William Edward Parsons
Thomas Hornibrook
Samuel Hornibrook
Herbert Woods
Michael Williams[4]

David Walsh
James Hickey
William McCarthy

Bridget Noble
John Crowley
Denis Cronin

G.L. Compton Smith
W.S. Watts
S. Chambers
M.H.W. Green
C.A. Chapman
C.H. Caen
B. Tinehes
R. Murphy
J.J. Rodgers
H. Clarke
A. Mason
F. Rougley
M. Carson
J. Cooper
J. Walsh
H. Ward
J.A.W. Anderson
G.T. Still[5]
J. Graham
J.R. Brooks
G.R.A. Dove
K.R. Henderson
R.A. Handy
B.L. Brown
D.A. Rutherford
A.J. Pike
R. Earl
G. Chappell
L/Cpl Belchamber
MGC deserter 1
MGC deserter 2[6]

J. Hegarty
T. Hegarty
T. Johnstone
E. Hughes
Pte Foley
A.H. Saunders
G. Taylor
T. Watling

L.R. Mitchell
B. Agnew
T.J. Walsh
C.J. Guthrie
G. Duckham
A. Harrison


[1] This list only includes those persons whose names we know and about whom inquiries were made. It does not include an intelligence officer captured in Watergrasshill in 1919 and believed to have been killed in Knockraha, four soldiers (or officers) captured near Belvelly in early 1921, also believed to have been killed in Knockraha, four men taken off the Cork mailboat in July 1922 or two ex-policemen executed in Ovens during the same month. Nor does it include a dozen members of No 71 Freemason Lodge, six ‘prominent citizens’ kidnapped on St Patrick’s Day 1922, three Protestant boys executed and buried in Frankfield and several others named in Appendix III and IV of The Year of Disappearances for whom files have not been released.
[2] Body washed up at sea.
[3] British army agent.
[4] Ex-RIC.
[5] David Grant ( believes Still was a deserter. However, no death cert can be found for him and there are other reasons for believing he is more likely to have disappeared.
[6] Two members of the Machine Gun Corps were executed and buried a few miles from Charleville. Their bodies were later found and were reburied in a cemetery at Charleville where they were given a headstone. Their identities have never been established.
[7] reckons Clifford survived and died in 1938. However, this is almost certainly a different Michael Clifford.